We want our students to L.I.V.E.

CitySideLax’s definition of:

live1  liv/ verb 1. Be alive. 2. Explore and expand limits; challenge oneself. 3. Seek an exciting and fulfilling life. 4. Survive in other’s minds; be remembered. Legendary.

We want our students to…

L - LEARN on and off the field.

I - IMAGINE what they can be.

V - VIBE to their own rhythm.

E - EXCEL in any situation/position.

We want our students to be L.I.V.E.

CitySideLax’s definition of:

live līv/ adjective 1. Active; expressive, animated, and dynamic. 2. Lively; full of life, energy, and excitement; outgoing. 3. (As a subject) of current or continuing interest and importance. 4. (As a ball in a game) “In play,” especially in contrast to being out of bounds; Engaged; Connected.

We want our students to be…

L - LEADERS of the present.

I – INNOVATORS of the future.

V - VALUED for their character.

E - ENGAGED and focused with the task at hand.

“Teaching is the Initiation of Learning”

As a part of our core culture and curriculum, we view the “teaching” aspect of the game to be of the utmost importance. In order to “coach” you must “teach first.” This is where we at CitySideLax have seen a need in the lacrosse community. Proper technique and preparation is vital for our students to “be the best” they can be. We strive to provide an unique experience that is productive but most importantly fun! To sign up for any of our offered events see below.

Coaches and Program Events

Is your program looking for new ways to improve? Does your program want more knowledge of the game?

Well you’re in luck! The CitySideLax team wants to work with you. We will share innovative practice plans with your players and coaches. By providing drills and strategies, we will give your program a unique perspective of the game as well as a new found confidence. Schedule practices for your program today!

Email admin@citysidelax.com for more info.

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