“Our Purpose is Perfecting F.U.N.”

F – FUNDAMENTALS (skills, conditioning, physical, teamwork, rules, competition, equipment, etc)
U – UNDERSTANDING (“all things Lacrosse”; lacrosse IQ, philosophy, behavior, recruiting, grades, etc) – anything that can be taught about the lacrosse industry and why it is taught –knowledge
N – NEXT LEVEL (growing and developing appropriately based on your goals and objectives)

“P.I.C.A. – Our Core Values”

P – PREPARATION Having everything done outside of practices/games in order to come ready to compete. Including, but not limited to: unscheduled practice (wall ball, shooting, stretching, lifting weights), coming early, having all the necessary equipment and being ready to step outside of your comfort zone.
I – INNOVATION Always looking for new and different ways of doing things and not being afraid to fail at first. Innovation doesn’t stop at different ways to throw the ball or shoot the ball, innovation could be something as simple as how you string your stick or how you condition and lift.
C – CONNECTION Always being present and in the moment giving whoever is speaking your full and undivided attention. Connection is your ability to interact with your teammates and coaches in a productive manner.
A – ACCOUNTABILITY Holding yourself, your teammates and your coaches to the highest standard and fulfilling the tasks that you have set out to do or said that you would do. Being accountable is always giving your best effort and keeping high standards.

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