CitySideLaxBoys Travel Teams - Summer Update and Denver Shootout Recap

June 26, 2023


The CitySide travel teams have been making waves this summer with their hard work and impressive performance on the field. From a memorable team bonding experience at Fort Casey on Whidbey Island to their strong showing at the Denver Shootout tournament, these young athletes are leaving their mark. Here is a summer season update!


Fort Casey Youth Team Experience: The summer season began with a memorable team bonding experience at Fort Casey on Whidbey Island. Despite encountering rain on the first night, the boys embraced the challenge and made the most of their time together. With 5practices in 3 days the coaches were able to install team systems and major coaching points. The boys ate in the mess hall, slept in the old army barracks, shared s’mores by the campfire, and jumped in the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean. This experience fostered resiliency and strengthened their team bonds before heading to Denver for the first tournament of the year. 


Denver Shootout Tournament: At the highly competitive Denver Shootout tournament, the CitySide teams showcased their talent and grit. The 2025 team reached the championship game, finishing second place falling short by 1 goal. The 2026 and 2028 teams secured third place in their divisions, with the 2028 team boasting an impressive 4-1record. The 2029 and 2024 teams placed fifth, while the 2027 team finished sixth. These achievements reflect the dedication and hard work of the players and coaching staff. This is an impressive showing which hasn’t been the case in the past. These results are a clear indicator that the program as a whole is headed in the right direction. 


The collective success of the teams demonstrates that we are on the right path to continued growth and accomplishments. Success doesn't come easy, but with determination and focused effort, we can overcome obstacles and achieve greatness together. By staying committed and working in unison, our collective success becomes not just a possibility, but an attainable reality. Stay true to the process. Go CitySide!

CitySideLax Boys Lacrosse in Bellevue CitySideLax Boys Lacrosse in Bellevue

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